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Neuroscience Information Framework


The advent of the World Wide Web has led to an explosion in the number of diverse resources available to neuroscientists. Despite the availability of powerful search engines, locating these diverse resources has become increasingly difficult and time consuming. The NIF project utilizes both advanced machine-based search technologies and old-fashioned human legwork to provide access to neuroscience-relevant resources on the Web. Resources include research materials, Web pages, software tools, data sets, literature and general information. The NIF has developed technologies that allow a user to search across these different types of resources, all from a single interface. A unique feature of the NIF is the ability to issue direct queries against multiple databases simultaneously, retrieving content that is largely hidden from traditional search engines. A second unique feature is an extensive vocabulary covering major neuroscience domains for describing and searching these resources. The NIF takes advantage of advances in knowledge engineering to broaden and refine searches based on related concepts.

Visit the NIF website at https://neuinfo.org.