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NIDDK Information Network


dkNET Offers

  • A search portal to find community-vetted materials, data and tools relevant to NIDDK and beyond
  • Personalized search and display of results
  • Community news and social networking

dkNET Tools and Services

dkNET comprises the following Tools and Services; the dkNET search portal, Web services, and vocabulary. The dkNET search portal enables researchers to search for resources such as mouse strains, antibodies, or data sets using a common, single platform therefore reducing the time needed to locate these resources. Currently, dkNET includes resources from the following sites: AddGene, the Antibody Registry, the Beta Cell Biology Consortium, the Diabetic Complications Consortium, GUDMAP, Grants.gov, the National Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Centers, the Nuclear Receptor Signaling Atlas, T1DBase, and various repositories of research animals. In addition to searching for resources, a full search of PubMed is also available from dkNET.

All content in the dkNET search portal is accessible through a suite of Web services. These web services provide access to the list of resources included within dkNET, the categories of data available, and provide access to the vocabulary and data annotations of the resources. If you are interested to access content from dkNET via the Web services, contact us at info_at_dknet.org. 

The vocabulary used in dkNET is the key to enhancing the searchability of the data within the site. A search in dkNET for polycystic kidney disease is automatically expanded to include the terms congenital biliary ectasias, polycystic kidney and hepatic disease 1, and Caroli disease based on knowledge within the vocabulary. This semantic expansion improves the ability to find relevant results by automatically including these related terms in the search without the researcher needing to add each possible term into the search. 

Visit the dknet website at https://dknet.org.