The Center for Research in Biological Systems (CRBS) was created in 1999 to provide an integrative framework to facilitate multiscale studies of biological systems.  Our continuing mission is to catalyze and extend research opportunities in the following areas:

  • Extension of architectures for collaborative exploration and analysis of ‘Big Data’;
  • Development of technology for obtaining and integrating information in ‘multiscale’ biology; 
  • Advances in sample preparation including specialized genetic probes and labeling technologies;
  • Molecular, cellular, intercellular, organ and population computational simulation and modeling;
  • Distributed computing, cyberinfrastructure, and workflows for biomedical data collection, analysis, and visualization;
  • Biomedical informatics and facilitated access to access to public research data and tools worldwide through open source, networked environments; and
  • End-to-end studies of function in biological structures.

Since its inception, CRBS has been a successful springboard for the development of new projects (and a backbone upon which to strengthen existing relationships) that not only cross over into other academic units, but also binds those units together in close interdisciplinary collaboration.  Moving forward, we will continue to build new relationships that cross academic units as well as institutions in the UCSD/La Jolla mesa to marry expertise and resources in information technology, high performance computing, networking, genomics, and informatics to advance scientific discovery in biological systems.